About Paul Stemp Training

Hello and welcome. 
I have been a personal trainer and health and fitness professional since January 2006. Since February 2021 I have been entrusted by Anytime Fitness Australia as their Head Coach for delivering the nationwide, eight week and six week challenges to more than 4000 people throughout Australia. My focus within the nationwide challenge is ‘LEAN’ – helping all participants to achieve body fat reduction and weight loss, as well as increasing lean muscle mass, and improving their anaerobic conditioning.

It has taken me 12 years to meticulously create, test, trial and implement all 23 training programs within my training system. All of my highly specialised training programs are grouped into beginner, intermediate and advanced training levels so no matter where you are with your current training level experience, I will get you started with the correct training program, today.

From supersets to circuits, functional training to HIIT, traditional hypertrophy training to progressive integrated training, my focus is purely on providing my clients with sports science based training programs which deliver the results they are expecting to achieve.

Training program sheets, complete with exercise video links for you to refer to are emailed through to you. You don’t need to download an app or to sign into my website to access my training programs; your program can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, iPad or the old fashioned way, by printing it off.

Each training program typically covers four week’s worth of training, however, some programs are used in two week training blocks; other training programs can be used for up to six week’s.

Another advantage of doing these online personal training programs with me is that once you pay for your training program(s), you are free to continue using your training program(s) again and again – there isn’t a finite window for you to have access to your program before it ‘mysteriously disappears’; or ‘an additional payment’ must be made by you to ‘unlock access’ to the program you have already paid for. That’s not how I operate: one payment per program is all that is required. To be clear, I do not write diet/meal plans, nor do I provide advice in this area.

So, if you are struggling to find the motivation to train; if you are looking to transform your body safely and efficiently; or if you are bored with your current exercise program and are looking for more variety, I will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals via my online training programs, many of which have been included nationwide within the Anytime Fitness Australia challenge.

Contact me via the details below to receive your free online training program consultation, for training program pricing, and to answer any questions you have regarding online personal training and how it works . Let’s get into it!

   Instagram: @paul.stemptraining

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   Paul Stemp