About Paul Stemp Training

Hello and welcome. 

If you are struggling to find the time and motivation to increase your current activity levels; if you are currently fighting a losing battle in the ‘battle of the bulge’; or if you are bored with your current exercise program, I am ready to help you.

I am ready to take on these challenges and other challenges with you, including:

    • transforming your body
    • core and functional movement training
    • working with you and your health care professional throughout your rehabilitation
    • conducting specialist one on one and small group training sessions; and
    • a one hundred percent money-back guarantee if you do not achieve your goals.

My unique training program system was first developed in 2010. The first program I designed, tested and successfully achieved my client goals with back in 2010 was the ‘Hollywood Body Program’. Over the past 10 years, a further 21 programs have been added into my training programs system, with the most recent of these training programs being ‘Brute-a-licious 5.0’ and ‘Los Angeles 2.0’ (February 2020). ‘Melbourne theme name’ programs are also included within my unique training program system.

All of my personal training programs are suitable for one on one and small group personal training sessions; they are not group fitness style classes as you have probably already seen in the video above.

Click onto this Personal Training in Melbourne link to find out where and how I can help you throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

Personal Training Management Services

Q. Do you continually struggle to attract interest from prospective candidates when you advertise for personal trainers at your club?
Q. After attracting candidates and then interviewing them in person, how happy are you with the quality of these candidates?
Q. Have you experienced the frustration of having a regular turn over of personal trainers (even after a new trainer signs on) at your club?
Q. Perhaps you have previously hired other personal training management companies to run your personal training business, leaving you and your members feeling let down by their lack of professionalism and not fulfilling their obligations?

These questions and hearing a continual level of frustration from club owners in Melbourne regarding their personal training management experiences so far, were the driving force for me to change how a clubs personal training business could be run and grown for the benefit of the club owners, club manager, personal trainers and club members.

My professional experience in this industry extends beyond just being a personal trainer.

The training and experience I bring to being held accountable for the success of your personal training business includes:

  • Diploma of Fitness and Diploma of Business qualifications.
  • I ‘train the trainers’; once these students have completed their Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness, they can begin their career as a personal trainer.
  • My ‘Creating Magnetic Appeal’ fitness industry business course: this professional development course is provided exclusively and free of charge to club owners, club managers and personal trainers who sign up for my personal training management services.
  • More than one option to earn additional income for your club through our arrangement, with no capped income limit being imposed or commission fees.
  • Team work between all parties towards growing your personal training business; your club manager does not need to learn any new software package to implement my personal training management systems.
  • An opportunity to directly hire the personal trainers I recruit for your club as membership consultants or an assistant club manager, without incurring any additional fees and charges.
  • Additional marketing and professional services for keeping the right personal trainers at your club, maintaining a high membership retention rate, online and offline methods for growing your membership base and for growing your personal training business.

If you’re a personal trainer who is looking to work in a gym in Melbourne, check out the video below for more information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am not doing any personal training sessions or group classes. To contact me, simply follow me and directly message me on Instagram: @paul.stemptraining

Yours in health,

Paul Stemp